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Virtual Access is a mature Windows program that enables the user to send and receive emails and newsgroup messages from multiple POP3 and news servers in a single connection.

Main features of VA are:

  • Multiple POP accounts accessed on a single instruction

  • Multiple Newsgroups accessed on a single instruction
  • Sophisticated email and newsgroup message filtering
  • Mailmerge abilities
  • Competent threading of mail and news - no need for al those paraphrased replies when discussing with other users of VA (only because other news and mail readers do not have such good threading)
  • Rule based archiving of messages to plain text files.
  • Complex search faciltiy - along with rule based message filtering turns VA into a useful knowledgebase. Ideal for technical support etc.
  • Auto-responders
  • Multilingual spellcheckers (extra)
  • Workgroup ability across LANS.
  • Single or multi-user (extra for multi-user).
  • Edit message headers - useful for "no spam" reply to's etc.
  • Multiple signatures
  • Several third party plug-ins are available
  • Extra features specifically included for subscribers to Compuserve and CIX - can handle CIS and CIX forum messages and libraries as well as POP3 and proprietary email systems. You can mix CIS, CIX and your regular ISP all on one phone call. You can then read and write all your messages offline with no phone charges running.
  • Support for various Firewall Proxies like Wingate, etc.
  • Scheduler for flexibly controlling your tasks.



Register your copy of Virtual Access. Click here for a Secure On-Line Registration Server.


You can directly download both the 16 and 32 bit versions of Virtual Access software.


Check out why you should use Virtual Access (Specific reference is given to Compuserve but ignore that if you are not a Compuserve subscriber)


Virtual Access has features like multiple e-mail accounts, threaded mail and more.

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