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  • Compuserve

The Internet isn't the whole story; there are good reasons for having access to online services such as Compuserve.

Virtual Access allows access to Compuserve with the same user interface which we provide to Internet users.

Virtual Access gives you access to Compuserve mail and forums as well as additional services such as: Movie Reviews, Consumer Reports, Microsoft Product Support, News Services, Stock Quotes, ZD Net, Weather Reports and File Searches; Virtual Access also includes special functions for Forum SYSOPs. Additional Information on Virtual Access for Compuserve Users.

  • Education - Distance Learning
    Virtual Access has been involved with universities and other educational institutions since 1990 with a special focus on distance learning. Virtual Access offer generous incentives to educational institutions using Virtual Access.

Virtual Access is a powerful professor-student, teaching-learning and communications tool in the delivery and collection of course work. Virtual Access's powerful closed conference facility is ideal in conjunction with News Servers for closed student/tutor discussions. Additional Information on Virtual Access for Educational Institutions and Distance Learning applications.

  • Your Customer Support Desk
    Virtual Access lends itself as a Technical Support tool. Already many companies use Virtual Access to focus a whole Technical Support team on their Compuserve Forums or Internet Closed Groups using only ONE dial-in account. Additional Information on Virtual Access applications for Customer Support Desk.

  • Workgroups
    There are over 21,000 newsgroups in the world related to every conceivable subject. These are world wide discussion areas covering technical issues such as computer support, political and industrial developments, research at the leading edge of technology and commerce, right down to recreational activities.

Virtual Access downloads Newsgroup information from the Internet only once so that anyone on the Local Area Network can read and use it. Virtual Access puts the information on your server so that you can read it at Ethernet rather than Internet speeds. You just tell Virtual Access the information that you want so that you only see the bits of interest to you.

You will be impressed with the saving in money and time that your organization can get from this. Additional Information on Virtual Access for Workgroups.

  • Law Offices
    Law offices benefit. Additional Information on Virtual Access for Law Offices

  • Investment Banking and Brokerage
    Investment Banking and Brokerage firms benefit. Additional Information on Virtual Access for Investment Banking and Brokerage Institutions.

  • Threading
    Virtual Access has simply the best message threading in the world, so you can see which message is a reply to which.

  • Universal Interface
    Through the ONE product you can connect to the Internet, Compuserve and Local Services. Just think of the advantages in reduced training time, let alone fewer pieces of software to purchase...

  • Both 16 and 32 Bit versions
    Virtual Access is supplied with BOTH 16 and 32 bit versions. Ashmount believes that this is essential in real workgroup installations where you often have mixtures of Windows 3.X, Win95 and Windows NT workstations.

  • Multiple Internet Providers
    Virtual Access works with any Internet provider but also allows access to multiple Internet providers as well as multiple closed Newsgroup servers. There is no need to limit yourself to proprietary software!

  • SMTP and POP3 E-Mail
    Supports both E-Mail receive methods, which is defineable on a service-by-service basis.

  • UU and MIME encoding
    Virtual Access automatically decodes incoming E-Mail messages. When sending, VA allows you to decide your preferred encoding for uploads.

  • Mail Rules
    Virtual Access has mail sorting routines that filter incoming E-Mail into either public or private folders. This feature can be used to sort personal E-Mail from an SMTP feed or to forward specific E-Mail to designated areas (such as "sales" or "support".)

  • Local E-Mail and Newsgroups
    Virtual Access supports full, local E-Mail facilities. (Please note that if you have an existing E-Mail system you can turn off the internal E-Mail within VA so there is no conflict between the two.) LAN based Newsgroups are also supported - these are explained in more detail further on.

  • Mail Alerters
    When you get your copy of Virtual Access, you will be able to download from us both 16 and 32 bit Mail Alerters. You can set up the Alerter to warn you about new, incoming E-Mail. This can be by a pop-up and/or WAV of your choosing!

  • Urgent E-Mail
    Want to flag someone immediately over the network with an E-Mail message? A yellow "post-it" note window will appear to alert them.

  • Communications
    Modems-ISDN-TCP/IP-Telnet and RAS! VA handles them all either singularly or connection-determinable. VA just communicates! We have over 350 modems (including ISDN) on our lists as "standard" with more being added as new modems are introduced. If you have a direct TCP/IP Ethernet connection to the Internet, just watch Newsgroups blast onto your local servers with VA. Telnet is included, and RAS for 95 or NT connectivity is designed into VA as well.

  • WWW FTP JPGs GIFs etc.
    Virtual Access integrates with Netscape Navigator, Microsoft Explorer and virtually all Web Browsers. If you see a message with an http address in it, a VA hotkey can load up your browser and take you straight to that Web page. If the message contains multiple IDs or activities, VA will ask you which one you want to pursue (decode image, go to FTP site etc.)

  • Schedulers
    Virtual Access has been so named because it gives you a "virtual" link to the Internet/Compuserve without the associated costs/rental or administration of a traditional fixed link. Schedulers are both time or event triggered. Housekeeping routines can be run overnight via the schedulers as well. This is ideal in large workgroup sites where database re-optimization can be done overnight. VA's schedulers allow you to connect when convenient to your organization to reduce telecomm costs and modem usage.

  • Local Conferencing (Intranet)
    Virtual Access supports local newsgroups. These can be open (anyone can participate) or they can be closed with assigned moderators who can add and remove participants in them.

  • Local File Lists/Libraries
    This feature allows you to build up local file libraries similar to facilities often used on BBS systems. These can be set to either full or restricted access. This is an ideal way to allow internal file access without giving unrestricted access to large parts of your network. VA supports descriptions so that users can determine what they are about to download as well as utilize convenient search features. (Note: because local files would reside on your server, the "download" is to a sub-directory on a local hard disk.)

  • Search Facilities
    Powerful Off-Line Boolean and Wildcard search on all or selected parts of the message base.

  • Bookmarks
    Virtual Access is powerful, some sites replicate up to 1Gigabyte of off-line data onto their servers. In such a wealth of information, your ability to find a selected set of messages is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, VA has an integrated Bookmark feature that will automatically flag all messages that meet user-selected search criteria. You can then move swiftly from one bookmark to another. Each user can determine what is important and find that information readily.

  • Folders
    Virtual Access holds all information in folders that replicate the structure from their host system. VA allows extensive message manipulation from folder to folder as needed. You can even set up your own folders into which you may copy or move special message categories.

  • External Newsgroups
    Download either full or header (headline) messages depending on what your organization requires. VA uses NNTP.

  • Closed Newsgroups
    Virtual Access supports "Authinfo" Newsgroup security so your organization can collect information world wide from your own closed/password-protected Newsgroup servers.

  • Kill/Getfile Strategies
    Virtual Access includes powerful and useful strategies which search and filter the information that your organization really needs.

  • Security
    Virtual Access has several levels of security very similar to those found in Network Operating Systems such as Netware. A "super user" (the Administrator a.k.a. supervisor/root) dictates how Virtual Access will work depending on the levels of security that the enterprise desires. Security levels are easily implemented and quickly changed.

  • Virus Checking
    Virtual Access can virus check upon completing a download prior to importing the information into your message base.

  • Spelling Checkers
    Virtual Access is supplied with both American-English and British-English spelling checkers. These can be selected on a user-by-user basis. Additional languages are available upon request.

  • Simple to Use
    Virtual Access is truly a power tool for professionals. At its simplest, all a user has to do is PRESS THE ENTER KEY and Virtual Access will automatically take them from one unread message to the next. What could be simpler?

  • No Additional Hardware to buy!
    Providing you have a modem, you'll be pleased to learn that there is no additional hardware to purchase.

  • Support
    Virtual Access provide some of the best on-line support in the world. Upgrades are supplied within 90 days of purchase, free-of-charge. You will be given automatic access to our Compuserve Forum and closed Internet News Server.

  • Winsocks
    Virtual Access gives you everything but the Winsock. 32 bit users normally choose those supplied with their O/S. For 16 bit connectivity, we recommend using the Winsock supplied by your Internet provider.

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