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As an interested reseller of Virtual Access you will have many questions about it's market potential. The following list provide you with few facts to help you on your way to becoming a reseller.

Generating new Income

The number of computers getting linked up to the Internet doubles itself every year. This rate will continue to rise well into the next century.

Virtual Access offers resellers a clear opportunity to cash in on the virtual communications market.

The Market place and Virtual Access Workgroup

Virtual Access Workgroup is a fully featured management tool for every windows desk top in the world. It is fully compatible with Windows NT, Novell and Compatible Networks as well as Peer to Peer Networks.

Virtual Access is present in major industries, world class educational institutions and governments.

Virtual Access and it's earlier sister products have been sold world-wide, reaching across the globe to Australia, Hong Kong, North America and Africa. Europe is also a keen user of this smart communications software with many customers in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

Today there are 4.5 Million networks sold into industry. Each of these networks represents a reveneu and sales enhancement opportunity for resellers of network and Internet software. Virtual Access offers excellent opportunity to add value to Network Hardware.

There is no other multiple E-Mail Account off line reader available on the market today. Virtual Access is a unique item of software to add to your retail listings.

The fruits of Success

After years of being the only company to attempt integrated mail and news reading, we are now seeing big names following Virtual Access strategies.

Virtual Access is a perfect solution for any company that needs remote staff to keep touch with office information on an daily or even hourly basis. There is no need to copy information around, with Virtual Access everybody looks at a shared information, while keeping their own unique version of the data.

The Big Apple or London Town

Mobile communications are vital, whatever capital of the world you are in. If you can't be contacted, you can't do business, you can't survive in todays environment.

Virtual Access facilitates TELNET to keep mobile staff in touch with their office and with their information.

The Grapevine

The Intranet is a rapidly growing development where companies replicate the Internet structure for their own private use.

Virtual Access provides the solution to internal conferencing and E-Mail (LAN/WAN) without using the Internet, therefore, security is not an issue.

Virtual Access allows multiple mail boxes for different lines of enquiry. Even a one man operation can have different email addresses, for example '' or ''.

Virtual Access enhances a company's use of, and appearance on, the Internet.

Harvesting the crop

Microsoft have moved support for all products to newsgroups on the Internet. A recent figure tells us that over 100 Million users could be banging down the door for an integrated mail and newsreader.

Virtual Access is the perfect solution for this problem, while also giving access to all the other services that user may want to use.

Virtual Access
is the #1 integrated E-Mail and Newsgroup Reader. Customized versions of Virtual Access are available especially configured for your users and straightforward to install. Special additional changes include: brand identification, security information, internet configuration can also be provided. These simplify the installation process and ensure that Virtual Access works the first time, and only with your Site.

Please read through these notes and then fill in the request form at the bottom of this page.

ISP Virtual Access makes YOU Money
When you take on Virtual Access we will give you your your own unique ordering URL so that for each copy sold via that URL you will automatically receive a generous 35% commission.

Improved Satisfaction all round
Give your customers the best. Virtual Access is the most powerful software available.

  • Reduces connection times.

  • Reduces hardware investment.
  • Frees-up phone lines.

Brand Reinforcement
In the highly competitive world of Internet Service Provision Virtual Access reinforces your name and Brand wihich is a highly integrated part of your worth as an Internet Service Provider.

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