Plug-Ins for Virtual Access

Download ARM which maintains your acxronyms list.


Various add-ons and plug-ins are available for Virtual Access. Here is a small list of link pages to author's sites.



VAReport is a Virtual Access PlugIn which reads all those action\information files and compiles a database of connection times and durations. This database is then interrogated to provide a graphical representation of all the time you spend online along with it's approximate cost. Freeware from:




Scout is a Virtual Access PlugIn, which performs the following functions:

  - Executes any program on startup or closedown of Virtual Access.

  - Executes any program before or after a service connection.

  - Executes any program on the detection of a downloaded file.

  - Allows prototyping of other Virtual Access PlugIns, without the need to build the plugin interface, passing all Virtual Access variables to the executing program. Freeware from:



VAConWiz is a Virtual Access companion program to aid in the conversion of competing OLR's message bases and address books into the Virtual Access format. Freeware from:

 Currently the program handles the following OLRs

 - Eudora v3.0

 - NavCis v1.75 - 1.77 (Untested on version 1.95 but should work ok)

 - OzWin v2.12 - 2.20

 - TapCis v6.1 - 6.2



ForKeeps builds a knowledgebase from messages produced by Internet mail programs, newsreaders and CompuServe Forum/Mail readers. You can then browse your messages in a number of ways and easily find the information you need. Excellent search and classification features. Version 4.0 adds support for Outlook (32-bit version only) and Outlook Express 5 as well as a new import redirection feature for newsgroups. 30 days free trial.

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