Atlantic Coast purchase rights to Virtual Access

Colyton, England

29th May 1998

Atlantic Coast plc., the premier supplier of data compression products in the Europe, have succesfully negotiated the rights to Virtual Access from Virtual Technology Corporation of America.

Virtual Access is a leading workgroup product that handles email and newsgroups from multiple sources as well as having specific support for Compuserve mail and forums and CIX mail and forums.

This purchase will initiate further development to what is already a unique product. Virtual Access has to be the most powerful, programmable email and workgroup program available.

Virtual Access is available for evaluation and purchase from; or GO ASHMOUNT on Compuserve; or JOIN ASHMOUNT on CIX.

Atlantic Coast plc., The Shareware Village, Colyton, Devon, EX13 6HA, England.
Tel. 01297 552222 - fax 01297 553366


Colyton, England

9th September 1998

Virtual Access User Group website now set up by volunteer Philip Kilner of UBIK Microsystems. The URL is

Atlantic Coast plc have offered to give Philip assistance where requested but otherwise feel it best that User Groups are run by the users.





 26th October 1998

  *Virtual Access 4.5 Released*


 The new version of Virtual Access is the best version we have ever released. This version is not a free upgrade from previous versions of Virtual Access unless you purchased 4.02 from Atlantic Coast since they took over Virtual Access.

 There are many new and enhanced features in this version of Virtual Access, below is a brief list of these.


 1) Blind Carbon Copy.

  2) Multiple Attachement to a message, attachements not included as part of the message.

  3) Customise headers for mail/news (including from and reply to, to prevent spam).

  4) Compuserve thread message collection strategy revised to be quicker and more reliable.

  5) Review is now multi service and supports multi select for holding, releasing, deleting actions.

  6) Subscribe/Unsubscribe speeded up and now supports collecting partial lists and descriptions.

  7) Virtual Access Link to Internet Explorer functionality now built in

 8) Proxy support (see the messages in the tutorial/power_features)

 9) Acronyms - wave the moust over an acronym such as ISTM and a tooltip pops up explaining about this.


 There are obviously many, many more changes and fixes than those detailed above, all aimed at improving the use and functionality of Virtual Access.



August 2002


Virtual Access becomes Open Source - see