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*I want one product that does everything
*I want to be in control
*I want everyone to have secure e-mail
*We need multi-user access to Newsgroups
*I want to avoid the installation nightmare

VA Does it All
Some people use an E-mail package for Internet E-Mail, a separate package for Newsgroups, another for CompuServe and a well known name for local e-mail and maybe conferencing. They can have up to 5 different packages to do what VA does in one. Just think of the saving in outlay and training that this gives you.

Just one icon to do all this... Wow!

Complete Control
If you are a busy Network Administrator we bet you are worked off your feet. 65% of people in your job look after their companies network on top of the original tasks. And the more computers are now used the more vital it is that you have the time to be in control.

Internet access for any organization is a big project but VA makes it easier than it could be.

If you are used to installing Windows or 95 software then VA is simple... just run SETUP.EXE!

Control of users is all under your domain, setting them up,

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Secure E-Mail
What everyone needs is each member of their organisation to have their own private e-mail account that they can access from any PC in the organisation or anywhere in the world.

Not only does VA Workgoup do this with secure POP3* but can also provide it if you are using an old style SMTP* e-mail download.

Using VA’s mail rules messages for individual users can be filtered into their own private folders.

  • POP3 = Post Office Protocol 3

  • SMTP = Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

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Multi-User Newsgroup Access
There are over 21,000 newsgroups in the world covering every conceivable subject. These are world wide discussion areas covering technical issues such as computer support, political and industrial developments, research at the leading edge of technology and commerce right down to recreational activities.

With VA it only downloads Newsgroup information from the Internet once so that anyone on you LAN can read and use it. Some old fashioned firms download the same information up to 1,500 times a day so that each user can read the information. VA puts the information on your server so that you can read it at Ethernet rather than Internet speeds. You just tell VA the information that you want to see so that you only see the bits that you are interested in.

You will be impressed with the saving in money and time that your organisation can get from this.

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Imagine the time and cost you will spend installing each individual workstation on your Network with a TCP/IP stack. And then you have to get them to work!

With VA you can install 50 users networks in about 10 minutes as you only have to install the software once on the server and configure the Stack/RAS. Just run SETUP.EXE... It really is that simple.

And remember the added benefit of the increased administration and security control you have over Internet Access by it going through a centralized connection.

Using a Router you can use VA to handle your e-mail and Newsgroup information and also browse in multi-user mode over your LAN simultaneously.

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